Estimated 15.03% Cap Rate? Def. Home for Under $30,000. Absolutely


Property is a 2.5 bed 1 bath row home. Property Is in the midst of a complete rehab and will be delivered with C/O!

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117 Sweets Ave,Trenton, NJ 08618




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Are you an investor? How many of your investments yield 15% per year (net)? This property is estimated to bring in a 15.03% cap rate! Market rents are roughly $850/mo.

May be eligible for a FREE solar panel system

How can you buy this home?

  1. Cash: $27,000
  2. Rent-to-own: $29,700, 10% down (non-refundable), $900/mo rent, + $300/mo (non-refundable) towards down payment
  3. Seller Financing: $32,670, 20% down, 5 year mortgage amortized over 30 years. 15% interest.
  4. Mortgage through traditional lender: $27,000. Subject to terms and conditions of your lender. Is your credit score at 580 or higher? Is your household income 18,500 or more per year? We might have some financing options for you. We can refer you to a few. If your credit score is 580 or lower, but your household income is 18,500 or more per year, we might be able to help you fix that too.

This property is in the Battle Monument section of Trenton. Walking distance to many conveniences, places of worship, food, etc…

Zillow says it’s worth $74,329 and that rents are around $1000.

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