Investment Properties for Sale In Trenton, NJ


You’re looking for good deals? You’re looking for high cap rates? You’re looking for great ROI? Look no futher

The link above will get you to some of the best deals in Trenton. Our figures are calculated more conservatively than anyone else. Why do we say that?

  1. We calculate yearly income based on 11 months rather than 12. Why? Because the Trenton rental market is not the same as other markets. In our experience, tenants stay for an average of 1.5 years and thus, between the time it takes to evict the tenant if necissary (avergeage about 1 month), turning the property over (getting it ready for a new tenant), and actually getting it rented, you’ll be looking at maybe 2 months of vacancy every 1.5 years. Those are averages so some investors may see it more often or less often.
  2. We suggest and calculate based on setting aside 10% of the yearly income for vacancies
  3. We suggest and calculate the yearly income based on you setting aside an additional 10% for repairs.
  4. The estimated insurance rates we post are based on an average of the properties that I have insurance on.
  5. Our asking prices are reasonable.
  6. The rehab costs are based on our team doing the rehab. If you’re looking to have your people do the work, you’ll get the “as-is” price. If you’re looking for our team to do the work, you’ll be getting the “turnkey” price.
  7. We estimate the closing costs a bit high. We include the $200 Certificate of Occupancy inspection fee the city charges
  8. We include the management fee in our estimated cap rate. If you choose to manage the property yourself, while that’s money in your pocket, it will be time that you spend… But, you’re welcome to do that. If you choose to hire a different company to manage the property, you’re welcome to do that. You’ll find other companies are cheaper than we are (at least at first glance).
  9. We include the landlord license the city requires in our estimated costs.

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