Weaving Strong Financial Returns


For the past few years, we’ve been investing in real estate, creating wealth for ourselves and those that have invested in our companies… Strong financial returns.

We’ve been offering amazing investment opportunities to the “right” people.

Strong Financial Returns

Estimated Cap Rate Example

Have you heard the term “Be the bank”? Well, here it is… Here is your opportunity…  Offer us long-term &/or short-term loans secured by properties… In our market, we purchase properties for roughly $10,000, we put in about $10,000 for repairs.

      • Short-term: The general idea is that the short-term loans is for me to purchase + renovate properties… We then sell them for about $30,000… The loan would be $20,000 to Outside In Enterprises secured by the properties… 6 month term. $20,000 + 5% (simple interest) = $21,000. You, the bank, makes $1000 in 6 months. Where else are you getting those kinds of returns? Certainly not in your bank account, or a CD. From there, you can choose to take your money back, or do it again. This would be paid in a one time payment at the end of the term.
      • Long-term: These loans are so that we can build rental income. We will rent the properties for between $850-$1200/mo depending on the block, the size, condition, etc… 7 year term @ 10%. $20,000 @ 10% for 7 years, amortized over 7 years (just like the bank does for a mortgage) = $27,889.68 As such, you’ll make $7,889.68 over the 7 year term. From there, you can choose to take your money back, or do it again. This would be paid in monthly payments just like a mortgage.
      • In-between: This option would allow for a term somewhere in between… Longer than 6 months and could go as long as we both agree… This too would be at 10%, it would be amortized over the term so if you chose 6 years, it would be amortized over the 6 years. 2 years, amortized over the 2 years. Etc… The interested and principal would be paid back at the end of the agreed upon term. No payments made during the term. Let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in this type of deal…

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