Welcome to our “Hot List” 

Properties Sorted By Highest to Lowest Cap Rate. In an effort to give you, the Buyer / Investor, the most realistic expectation, we try to calculate on a VERY conservative level. Cap rates may vary. Expenses may vary. Estimates may vary, etc… We feel this is a relatively accurate picture of what one can expect over an extended period of time. All estimates and figures are subject to Buyer’s own due diligence.

  • Spreadsheet Key:
    • Bold: Tenant occupied
    • Italics: Property under contract
    • as-is“: Property sold in it’s current condition. Buyer’s accepting property in “as-is”/”whereis” condition
    • turnkey“: Property has been fully remodeled and ready to go. Not occupied.
    • Est. Cap Rate: This spreadsheet is sorted by the highest cap rate first. The estimated percentage return of net income. (Est. Net Yearly Income / Est. Initial Investment). The cap rates in this column does accounts for (vacancies 10%, repairs 10%) However, it does not take into account mortgage payments.
    • Est. NOI: Estimated Net Operating Income is the estimated income subtracted by estimated expenses. The NOI in this column does account for vacancies @ 10%, and repairs @ 10%. However, it does not take into account any mortgage payments if applicable.
    • Est. Flip Profit: Potential profit or loss if purchasing for resale/flipping
    • Address: The Property Address
    • Price: The Property Price
    • Est. Rehab $: Estimated cost of renovations needed to pass C/O inspections. (our estimated pricing & contractors). If you’re doing the work yourself, if you’re hiring your own people, or hiring us to do the work, the cost will vary
    • Est. Closing $: Estimated cost of fees for closing on the contract
    • Est. Initial: Investment Estimated total cash needed “all in” to get property to pass C/O inspections. (price + closing + rehab)
    • Est. Income/Year: Estimated gross income per year (calculated by 11 months accounting for potential vacancies). Less turnover = higher cap rate for you
    • Suggested Vacancy: Suggested % to set aside to account for high turnover rate in Trenton (est. 10%). Less incidents = higher cap rate for you
    • Utilities: Typically, for a single family property, tenants pay all utilities. For multi-units, may vary.
    • Est. Insurance: Estimated yearly insurance rate (you’re welcome to get your own quotes or we can recommend insurers)
    • Taxes: Property taxes calculated yearly (paid quarterly)
    • Management: Outside In charges 11% as a management fee. Buyer is free to use other management companies or manage themselves.
    • Repairs: This is the percentage that we suggest an landlord set aside in case of damages or repairs needed to a property. While property might not need repairs today, many of these properties are close to if not more than 100 years old and between normal wear and tear, and whatever a tenant might do to the property, if you set this money aside, you’ll more than likely be covered over time for any expenses that come up
    • Lics. Fee: City of Trenton requires a yearly license in order to rent property
    • Est. ARV: Estimated “After Repair Value”. ARV is what we estimate the property can sell for once it is rehabbed.
    • Beds: Amount of Bedrooms in Property
    • Baths: Amount of Bathrooms in Property
    • SF: Square footage of property based on public records
    • Property Type: Type of Property

* ALL FIGURES ARE SUBJECT TO BUYER’S DUE DILIGENCE. The figures and calculations in the spreadsheet are subject to change at anytime based on updated information.