Real Estate Investing Parts

The 3 (Main) Parts of Real Estate Investments.


The 3 (Main) Parts of Real Estate Investments: Each part is important. You can’t change one without affecting the other. Income; The most obvious type of income on a real estate investment property is the rents received. However, there are other forms of income such as; appreciation, depreciation, tax savings/benefits, coin operated laundry, soda / snack machines, etc…  Expenses; things […]

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Change Your Mind Set

Are The Real Estate Gurus Courses Worth The Price?

Writer: Avi Cohen, founder of Outside In Enterprises, LLC., a company operating within Trenton and who also invests in the local market, we hold what we believe to be an inherent advantage for identifying properties within the community that can prove to be great investments for our clients. I was watching the “Under Cover Boss” episode about Armando Montelongo, and […]

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N.J. tourism rises 3.8 percent in 2014, report says

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