Why Choose Our Company For Your Property Management Needs?

We work hard to find the best tenants, for the best rent, in the quickest time! We efficiently manage over 75 properties in the Trenton, and Philadelphia metro areas. Our educated staff is friendly and professional. By providing the best service to our clients, and by being responsive to tenant’s needs, we are able to help you get the most out of your property with NO HEADACHES & NO SETUP FEE.

We take your property very seriously and we will look after your most valuable asset as if it were our own. Premier customer service, attention to detail, good work ethic and being straightforward with our clients are the foundation of our business philosophy. Our focus is on giving both the owner and tenant peace of mind. We aim to maximize the cash flow on the property, as the owner and landlord we work to reduce your risk, maintain the integrity of the property, and where and when possible, make recommendations for increasing the value of the property.

Property management is not an easy job, considering that we have to keep track of thousands of details regarding tenants, repairs, inspections and utilities just to name a few. Our difference is our focus on developing our employees into great teams. Our success has been proven by placing the right people in the right positions while setting high expectations and accountability while providing a great working environment.

Are You Ready To Make The Jump From Landlord To Investor?

While investing in real estate certainly has it’s rewards, the everyday responsibilities of managing your property as a landlord can be quite stressful and time consuming. From chasing after tenants for rent, to receiving phone calls in middle of the night about something gone wrong. Let us take this weight off of your shoulders, and give you your freedom back so you can go back to being an investor and not a landlord!

Whether your trying to manage your properties yourself or you are not happy with your current property management company, we can help.

Our Services Include:

  • Advertising & Marketing of Vacancies
  • Lease Agreements & Tenant Screening
  • 24/7 Tenant Accessibility
  • Property Repairs & Vendor Coordination
  • Daily Property Maintenance
  • Serving of Notices

*We are well versed in tenant laws and fair housing regulations and possess a strong leasing/marketing department. Our office is only blocks away from town hall so when we have to evict a tenant, we can do so with ease.” 


Full Service Property Management is only a call away at (484) 436-2622